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Conspire 2017 via Webcast

We have always been one in Love.

Richard RohrThe mistaken belief that we are separate from God and each other is the starting point for conversations in this, the fifth installment of CAC’s CONSPIRE series, based on Richard Rohr’s Seven Themes of an Alternative Orthodoxy.

What is the job of religion?  Many people presume that it is to eliminate evil; however, how we eliminate evil is much more important! Violence, injustice, and greed only increase when they are denied in ourselves and projected onto others — this is the “shadow” self.


All presentations and sessions of the CAC Conspire series are experienced in real time, with hosted interactive local responses lead by Andrew Twiddy.  If you are looking for community experience rather than simply viewing the webcast on your own, then this is for you.

Visit the Center for Action and Contemplation for more details.

Registration is FREE.  Participation is by donation at the door.