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Who Are We: Directors

Andrew Twiddy

Andrew Twiddy works as an Anglican priest, teacher, writer, speaker, and musician. The contemplative and mystical traditions of the West have influenced him since his youth, and have set the tone for his leadership and versatile style in parish-based ministry in Central Vancouver Island for over 20 years. His degrees in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew led him into teaching and educational administration, and he has enjoyed animating biblical languages for seminary students and others. Andrew is an avid wordsmith and Scrabble player, and represented Canada in the Commonwealth Scrabble tournament in Glasgow in 2014. He is a veteran supporter of the work of Richard Rohr and the programming of the Center for Action and Contemplation, and has found their resources to be a vital tool for facilitating spiritual growth and transformation.

Pearl GervaisPearl Gervais is a teacher, writer, and speaker, based in Nanaimo, BC, who facilitates a variety of spiritual retreats and workshops, and has expertise in the Enneagram typology of human personality and in Enneagram spirituality. Pearl has travelled widely and co-operated as an associate in ministry for many years with Bishop Remi De Roo. Together with Remi and Diane Tolomeo, she is co-author of Biblical Characters And The Enneagram: Images of Transformation. Pearl sees Vatican II as an inspiration for all humanity, and a call to action for lay and ordained ministry development and leadership, in helping us embrace our calling as individuals and communities.

Remi De RooRemi De Roo
is one of the last surviving Roman Catholic bishops to have participated in all sessions of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). His 37-year episcopate in the Diocese of Victoria (1962-1999) has been followed by an active ministry of pilgrimage and lecturing, mainly on the topic of Vatican II, and of giving retreats and contemplating the signs of the times in the light of Sacred Scripture and the rich Tradition of the church. Together with Pearl Gervais and Diane Tolomeo, he is co-author of Biblical Characters And The Enneagram: Images of Transformation. Remi is passionate about the reforms of Vatican II, and how we might embody their insights now and into the future.